A super market SIGN


Signs are what the word says. They are signs! They communicate signals. Signs, illuminated or not, are vital for the survival of a store, as they signal to the customers the message "I'm Here! Please Enter!" This sign was designed and delivered for a local retailer in Southern Attica, and it is illuminated through LED [...]

Store Rebranding, Outdoor


When talking about stores the easiest and more economical way of changing the image is undoubtedly windows stickers. This supermarket, located near the center of Athens was suffering from low visibility, a common problem faced by many superettes. Each area served different needs, so we created stickers with thick lamination for the "Offers of [...]

Posters and Retail Leaflet for a Group of Super Markets


Strataίon designed and printed the Summer Posters for the ASPIDA Group of Supermarkets. The poster was generic, communicating the "Cool Prices" in a Hot Summer. We also design and print the Retail leaflet of ASPIDA supermarkets, with VARIABLE Store names and 2 different price groups due to the different V.A.T. according to the locations of [...]