Project Description

The Story of a 4 Bakery-Pastry Chain Store Re-Branding

The need was the re-branding of the chain of 4 Bakery-Pastry shops in the center of Athens, Greece. The brief was to communicate them as modern in mentality, which at the same time offer products produced in the traditional way, emphasizing the locality of a business established in 1994.

The real challenge was the existing situation. The 4 stores had been renovated in the past, but that renovation was executed without a single concept, thus presented heterogeneity in a variety of aspects. From the marketing messages and the signs to the shelves and the wall colors!

This is an example where the Marketing Communication Materials where used as permanent decoration of the stores to create Branding and promote the Corporate ID. Strataίon also designed the Christmas decoration as well as the Chain’s Christmas Pastry boxes.

This is the right place for IN-Store Marketing. Just ASK!

Main Concept Message

Make a Stop! Enjoy the Small things in Life

Why did we propose this message?

1. Buying Bakery and even more Pastry products is Impulsive.

2. The stores are located in the centre of a fast moving capital, Athens, where Every one is in a hurry!

We know how to make it BIG

IN Door Branding to increase the UX & Outdoor Branding to increase VIEWABILITY

& We know how to print it BIG!

Used Visuals that promote the near buy Selves’ Product Codes


More than Just Design and Printing

Before even starting the design we Evaluated the current situation. Every Store had different type of customers and the 4 stores didn’t look like they belong to the same chain.

Branding Store A
Branding Store C

Store A

In a good location, near the Panormou Metro Station, with a lot of competitors nearby, and mainly pick n’ go customers. This store suffered from the low visibility problem due to the window reflection, especially during the morning hours.

Store B

A corner store in a rather remote street, near a hospital but not viewable from that; with medium to low visibility and customers the citizens of the neighbourhood.

Store C

A corner store at Panormou Street, 300m from the Metro Station with low visiting rates taking into account its location and visiting rates of Store A. Another problem we had to face was the huge visual noise of this area.

Store D

Located in a remote crossroad. This is the only one with a parking space and although the biggest bakery of this neighbourhood mainly serves passing cars, as the neighbours of this crowded area choose to cover their needs in competitors.

Design Should Be Problem Solving


And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

Sq.m. of Plasticized Stickers
Days of Design & Production
Days of On Site Inspection
Final Artwork Files

The Challenges

The artwork was designed at our studio. But the installation had to be completed during working hours, as all stores were operating every day from 7.30 to 22.30. Exception to this rule was Store C that was operating from 5.30 until 11.00!

Excellent Results

Besides the core business which was creating Corporate Branding for the 4 stores we used marketing materials to promote visibility and in some cases to alter the look n’ feel of structural aspects of the stores!

Christmas-Decoration and Forex Application

Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration door

Christmas Pastry Boxes – 4 sizes