Project Description

PVC cards are ideal indispensable for loyalty programs. Customers all over the globe are used to use these tools to gain access to special offers, and PVC cards are the mean to run your loyalty program.

This Combo (1+3 cards) is produced for a supermarket chain, and is composed of one large (credit card dimensions) and 3 smaller cards with holes (key cards). Each combo has an identical bar code, to be used as family cards. In this way every member of the family gets a card, and all are interconnected to one account.

PVC cards offered by Strataίon are produced in Europe, printed in high quality printers on superb quality PVC. The lamination applied significantly improves not only the vividness of the colors but also the durability of the cards.

PVC cards are usually accompanied by leaflets used for requesting data collection. This specific project was accompanied by a regular A5 leaflet. Yet, it is not unusual for clients to request perforated leaflets with variables, on which the card is glued on the upper place and the barcode is also printed. In this way a 1-1 matching is created, i.e. one card or combo for one leaflet; a very efficient tactic when the time of imputing data comes, and a very professional appearance for your company.

Strataίon offers all types of printed materials to support your Loyalty strategy.

Leaflet Loyalty Data Collection, variables or simple