Project Description

logo design bw, colored

Project Brief

Strataίon has designed a large number of logos for a variety of customers and industries. We are taking the logo creation very seriously, as it is the basic component of the Business ID, and it communicates a lot about the company in a conscious and a subconscious way. Before even starting to think about a logo we request or do our own research to gather information. What your company or business unit is, what is the desired target market, your competitors, your mission and vision.

The Challenge

The combined answer to these questions is the proposed logo. The challenge is to provide with an answer that is easy to remember, that attracts the target group’s attention in a simple yet beautiful way. The last factor is time. A logo should be a timeless asset of your company. It should be able to accompany you for a long time.

We are here to make it sure that it communicates the right things for you company.

The Solution

We really feel great responsibility when designing Your Logo. And we really thank all those who have trusted us to design their logo, because they share with us all their dreams of their company and let us depict all those aspirations into a graphical sign that will accompany them for the next years.

Final Logo Designs

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Brand Strategy

We take into account the brand strategy. There is no such thing as “A nice Logo”. We create logos to promote brands.

Industry Research

The industry standards, the competition as well as the target give information on culture, perception and social behaviors if you know how to “see” them.

Graphic Design

Theory doesn’t create anything. We actualize our findings to create our client’s logos. To do so we use the proper equipment with the appropriate know-how to create The Best Possible Logo for You.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

The way Strataίon covered my need was so impressive, not only proposing me with the best possible logo according to my vision of my Civil Engineer and Architecture Office, but also though guiding me on the corresponding perception by my target market. The service excellence was the reason why Strataίon became my sole marketing communication supplier.

Christos Tzouvelekis, CTIRION