Project Description

Project Brief

The Client’s need was the re-branding of his family business Civil Architecture Office, based in Thebes, Greece, accompanied of the establishment of a new branch in Athens, Greece. Strataion contribution was in many levels, starting from finding the Name of the New Business, the logo design and the Corporate Communication material, both Analogue, and Digital. When designing, the main scope was to create a Modern yet Strong ID that could accompany the company’s goal for expansion.

The name derived from the actualization of the Client’s initials, C.T but also the first letters of the word Ctirion, which is the conservative (80’s) Greek word for Building.

Visual A

Visual B

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Selected Materials

CTIRION-Digital -Web Site by Strataion

Skills Needed

When planning and designing we incorporated our marketing and business experience in favor of our Client. We studied competition, fashion, their current clients and target market and we utilized our design skills, our knowledge in the field of business psychology and our IT skills to provide the best possible solution, within the given time frame and budget.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Multimedia 98%

Initial Concept Planning

Finding a name is easy. Finding the name which is also available as domain name is another thing. The challenge was to create a consistent Corporate ID Branding and Digital that will reflect in every communication material the company will use for the next years. The message was “The company supports needs of different magnitude, but the company has a lot of potential to accomplish big projects

Drafts & Revisions

Designing the main logo was a time consuming procedure, as we had to create something solid that at the same time will not turn away smaller clients. At the same time we did study the Architecture and Construction competition in the Greek, Balkan and European markets

Final Delivery

After deciding the color code and font code, together with the logo of course, we designed and delivered a large number of different materials, such as business cards, letterheads, Agendas, Retail labels and exhibition banners and the presentation web site of Ctirion.

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Strong Brands

We’ve helped Ctirion in every step, from time zero, in order to build a strong brand that will take their business to the next level. We’ve been rewarded by a strong relationship and fruitful relationship. Strataion consults Ctirion in every communication aspect, taking into account the company’s internal organization, mission and vision and communicate them to its target market.

3 ctirion logos

Excellent Results

We are happy that we’ve helped and keep helping Ctirion to become larger, following the predefined communication guidelines, and at the same time we follow our own business path which nothing else than the Awakening of our Clients Business Potential.