Every relationship builds upon trust. Business is no exception to this rule. We haven’t spent a penny on advertising budget since the establishment of Strataion, on 2012. We rely strictly on our Clients’ Word of Mouth.

Learn about Us, Meet us, TRY Strataion and you’ll become our best advertiser.

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Everything starts with a meeting & a Brief. It could be a face to face meeting, a Skype or WhatsApp meeting; whatever is necessary to be in line with our Target.


In order to achieve our goal we have to plan. After debriefing what’s been briefed we organize our next steps, in order to deliver the desired Outcome on Time.


Execution means Design and Printing | Production for the communicational services and materials, as well as Design and Coding for the RFID and the web IT.


For the Communication materials testing means virtual or actual proofs, when that is feasible and the quantities or the required quality impose it, and a period of “crash tests” for the web IT and RFID Solutions, so that when the solution goes “On Air” everything works great.


Just OK is not Good Enough for Strataion. A project is being delivered when everything works according to the Brief, and it is at least an immediately exploitable ” Exact Answer” to Your Call; your Brief i.e. what we have agreed on. “At least” here means that we do our best to add value, by utilizing our expertise and always deliver within deadlines.

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